Eastern Housing Sanitizing Program

Eastern Housing Sanitizing Program

In these difficult times, when all humanity is going through an episode of pandemic novel corona virus, when every day we come across news of the loved ones we lose, when we feel helpless to save them, we the management of Eastern Housing have hope, we hope that together we will be able to overcome this pandemic virus, as united we can stand against anything in this world.

Therefor we have started a program under our corporate social responsibility, “Eastern Sanitizing Program” where we have formulated a disinfection team Eastern Housing, which is primarily tasked to disinfect different areas & public places in Lahore and all residential zones at Eastern Housing Towns as well. The team is equipped with necessary expertise, experience and equipment required for disinfecting area from corona-virus.

Apart from the above management is also providing monthly ration to all the unemployed daily wagers, as in these hard times we must think act as one and help each other. At the end I would appeal to all corporate sector for the such initiatives under corporate social responsibility, So that we may be able to produce more awareness on national level and cover more covid-19 alert areas for sanitizing.

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